Music Compositions

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This work is created from an amino acid chain associated with Dalbergia congestiflora:  MEDYQIYLELDRSRQQNFLYPLIFREYIYGLAY…

List of Works
Radiant  Peaks: from Mineral Ridge to Blossom Mountain (2006-07)
Reciprocal Refractions  (2006-07)
Redwoods Symphony, mvt. I : Melancholia (2005). Recorded on ERM Masterworks vol. 11

Mission to Mars (2022) for piano
Raw Wood (2018) for marimba
Hollow (2018) for marimba. Recorded on Origin Classical
Kauppi Suite (2015) for string quartet
Second Variation on a Theme by Walton (2015) for woodwind quintet
Proteomics (2013)  for clarinet, percussion, and piano
Bluebacks from Redfish Lake (2008) for piano four-hands
Dreaming Among Thermal Pools and Concentric Spirals (2006) for bassoon and cello
Crystal-Gazing (2002) for piano

Hollow One of two compositions base on Rosewood Dalbergia stevensonii and congestiflora DNA and protein structures and featured on the “Time Frames” CD by percussionist Michael Waldrop: released on Origin Classical in 2021.   
Radiant Peaks ERM Media “Made in the Americas,” vol. 1 Released December 2008; Millennium Symphony, Robert Ian Winstin conducting  

Reciprocal Refractions  Recorded November 2007 for ERM Media “Masterworks of the New Era,” vol. 17   with the Kiev Philharmonic, Robert Ian Winstin conducting  

Redwoods Symphony, mvt. I  ERM Media “Masterworks of the New Era” vol. 11 Czech Philharmonic, Robert Ian Winstin conducting (released October 2007) 

Dreaming among Thermal Pools and Concentric Spirals “Soak” recorded by Drs. John Marshall and Lynne Feller Marshall; available  from CD Baby at or iTunes (released December 2006)